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Viaje a Cuba en Avión Ejecutivo

Wilson and Blanco are wholeseller travel providers to Cuba. Wilson has a contract with the Cuban Consulate in Washington D.C. and is able to expedite your Cuban Tourist Visa request, while Blanco has contracts with Cuban Tourism Agencies that provide Authorized Activities, hotels and transportation.  By working with Wilson & Blanco, you will eliminate third party intermediaries, you will pay less, your request will be expedited faster, and you will get all of your answers direct from the wholeseller.

Allow us to guide you every step of the way planning your trip to Cuba under any of the authorized travel categories. Our professional staff will ensure you have a safe and pleasant experience. Contact us to help determine your eligibility in traveling to Cuba.

Blanco International is honored to be the travel service provider for the Foundation Boricuas en Cuba. This People to People program will allow U.S. travelers to meet Cubans of Puerto Rican descent along with all the positive contributions made to Cuba by numerous and prestigious Puerto Ricans. Travelers will also find out why Cuba's and Puerto Rico's national flag share several similarities. We have prepared a 6 night 7 day trip beginning in January and traveling through March. You will visit multiple cities with a tour guide and transportation. Most meals are included, see detailed Itinerary for specifics.

Flights Begin January 7, 2017


Cuba is just an hour from the U.S., experience a magical getaway while encountering its people, their various Religions and zest for life through Music, Dance and the Arts. Under new U.S. rules Americans can travel to Cuba for authorized travel activities. Let us show you which activity you qualify for.                      




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Groups of 7 from high schools, universities, religious organizations, sports teams can be accommodated to travel to Cuba and benefit from group rates. Our associates can work with you to prepare the ideal package for your group. Air, ground transportation, meals and excursion can all be customized.


Foreign Traveler


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If you are planning to expand production operation in either Central, South America or Asia, Cuba may be an optimal option. We will guide you through Cuba's new Foreign Investment Laws, as well as represent your business before the Cuban Consulate in D.C. and with the appropriate Cuban counterparts.


Consular Services

Enviamos paquetes a Cuba. Entrega desde 3 días hasta 45 días. Escoja la mejor opción para que tu familia reciba lo que necesite. Wilson esta mandando paquetes desde el 1972. Ropa, comida, medicina, juguetes, electrónicas, electrodomésticos y mucha mas. También mandamos menajes en contenedores. 

Foreigners may travel to Cuba on a direct flight from the U.S. pursuant to one of twelve Authorized Categories permitted by U.S. law.           

We assist Cuban Nationals with all consular services including but not limited to:  new passports, renewals, emergency humanitarian visas, legalization of educational degrees, etc.  For non-Cuban Nationals, we assist in procuring Cuban Tourist Visas, translations of documents to be presented at the Cuban Embassy for business or educational our purposes, etc.